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Who are we?
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We are here because we’ve had great teachers, leaders, who share time, knowledge, experience with us – so we could learn and grow! Thank YOU!

We believe is time to give back!

Software tools

We have cloud solutions, easy to use. We also help to develop customized solution for your process in order to best fit and use.

Consultancy & training

Keep IT Simple - Visualize the problem, understand the root cause and act.
Measure the results.
Always the most simple solutions works.

Cost control, Cost reduction and Process support

LOT (Logical Organized Transport) is a collaborative – competitive supply chain platform [...]

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Employee Transportation Plan, cloud based solution helping to monitor, control, reduce the cost [...]

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Cloud based solution allowing an easy way to make time booking / activities [...]

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Web base cloud application enabling users to connect internally in one master plan projects [...]

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Vard Connect

Specifically developed for shipyard industry to ensure the full traceability for the spool and steel [...]

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Keeper IT

Expect to see differently the things after we start!

Keep close to Keeper IT![...]

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Consultancy & training.

Training - logistics

stock management, supply chain management, industrial packaging, internal material flow – from store to floor, freight cost optimization

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Training - lean

5S – thinking paradigm & practical implementation, shop floor management, lean thinking – basic of lean, lean problem solving skills, kanban – pull concept, value stream mapping, poka – yoke, cardboard engineering

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Why us?

Because we can share with you the simplest way to succeed, we already tried the hard one to fail.

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what people says

I really appreciate the collaboration with your firm. We chose to work with you because of your quality and efficiency that you offer. Also, the professionalism that your employees show every day and the support that they offer contributed to a fruitful work relationship that I hope will last. I recommend you whole-heartily as being a trustworthy and a professional company that is different from its competitors by the flexibility of the solutions given.
Livia Husarciuc

I always wanted to have a tool that would help me get in a simple, consolidated way a complete picture of the freight in and out I do in my company.

This is a tool that is helping me to get the desired information, and by working together with the developer to enhance and structure correctly the data we manage to gather so far.
Calin Valcea


The program is easy to use , give you a lot of details , information . There are a lot of people that are using this program in the same time and never broke down
Larisa Ardelean


It means extra work for us but an overview for us and Mahle. The goods will be picked up faster by MVT after registration.
Elvira Jahnke


The most I like about this software it is it’s functionality and ability to organize, also the communication.
Adelina Andrus

International Expeditor, EUROCCOPER

Customer support – immediate reaction. Updates – high value for low cost. Visual – lots of graphs and data available.
Bogdan Mihai Teculet

Logistics Manager Deputy

Dock Schedueling, Special Freight, the ease of use. I like the fact that this software links the supplier with the carrier and the customer very good. the owner of the software offers support immediately to solve if there is any issue.
Robert Eduard Onut

Continuous Improvement Specialist

  • Local vs Central

    This battle is not the epic drama from the recent movie Star Wars but you can sense the ‘frustration’ behind the scene in most of the big corporations. The plot is a simple one – the central and the local team have simply different point of view for the same matter: who shall be responsible […]

  • Packaging, the last frontier!

    Attractive, shining, nicely packed waiting on shelves for shoppers to buy, a lot of effort to make the packaging of all the nice, little things we buy, so attractive, so commercially desirable… On the other hand, when I look in the factory, industrial packaging is not really nice. But of course, in contrast with the […]

  • Trick-or-treating or better Share!

    I do not talk about the Halloween, do not worry! I will talk about organizations! Some which are still in the “ Dark Age” of business, when you must win over the competition, you must be tough, strong and show your muscles (trick). The slogan is “I must have!”. They are still here “surviving” in […]

  • Spyglass and Microscope

    Few of us have the possibility to look through the spyglass beyond the horizon into the next 5 or 10 years for a corporation. Even if the future is not “visible”, the strategy, the set road for the corporation, becomes the target for the future for all its employees. Some aspects of this personal vision […]