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Trick-or-treating or better Share!

I do not talk about the Halloween, do not worry! I will talk about organizations!

Some which are still in the “ Dark Age” of business, when you must win over the competition, you must be tough, strong and show your muscles (trick). The slogan is “I must have!”. They are still here “surviving” in our world usually big organization with aggressive style of “I Win, You Lose”. I call them the ‘Get’ category organizations. Funny is that they imagine that Halloween is all year round and they are still scary for all of us when they yell out loud “Give me!”

Luckily, there are others as well, with a different philosophy, the win-win type of organizations, the “ Traders”, as I call them. Today, a lot of companies are in this category and as long as they do not forget to create a real partnership within the businesses they run and to listen to each other, everything is OK.

I believe there is a third type of organization, very rare, slowly growing among the “Traders” and the “Getters” the one I call “Sharing”. In this organization the win-win is still valid but the method of achieving it is different. The main difference is the respect for the resources and the scale they apply the win-win philosophy.

Somehow they understand that looking only into the mirror they will not discover new things every day. They accept to open their universe and actively support others to become better together. Another main difference is the social implication. This organization “cares” about the place they live in. They actively involve the community and they strive to become active members. They are the innovators breaking traditional barriers (like Apple with the Icar and Tesla with the battery solar energy and the electric car….and many others) thinking to facilitate the best use of resources on very long term.

All these organizations (Getters, Traders, Sharers) are still motivated by the “I have” mind set. To move on we will need a fundamental change. From “I have organization” to “I become organization” and from macro level thinking to micro acting, from organization back to the individuals.

I call them “ The becommers” and I did not meet yet one.