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Felix Garai, Managing Partner, Share IT Smart (

Share IT Smart is a Romanian-born software developer that integrates IT and consultancy services to offer process optimization solutions to companies in automotive, electronics, ship building, shipping and logistics.

What inspired you to set the basis for Share IT Smart over two years ago and what is your main activity?

Yes, we are a young company, although I belong to the ‘elder generation’. We started more than 10 years ago, while I was working for multinational companies. That time, our first product, QClot, was launched, a platform meant to help us get rid of the boring stuff, such as checking invoices, programming ramps, a lot of reports that were time-consuming.

It is a software which was written with friends in the evenings, after 10-11pm, during holidays and which took 4 years to make. We are still using it. Five years ago I decided to leave the multinational companies and start on my own to do what I knew best, how to improve certain processes in companies. I became an operational consultant. The first years were difficult, but we have grown steadily since then. In December 2018, I set up the first company, a mix between IT and consulting and I took on a partner with the same objective: to share what we have learnt.

More specifically, what gap was there in the market and unmet needs of logistics managers?

Ten years ago, the cloud was not ‘fashionable’, there were not great applications to connect clients with suppliers and transport operators and allow you to monitor the flow of merchandise and control the invoices and reports. This is how the first idea appeared: what it would be like to create a platform meant to reunite everybody, a sort of Linkedin, industrial Facebook, an interactive platform.

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