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Who are we?

We help manufacturing companies achieve operational efficiency in production and logistics, through consultancy, coaching, training and software development and installation.

We are currently active in the Automotive, Ship Building, Pharmaceutical, Electronics Manufacturing, Building Materials, and Mining industries.

Software tools

We offer user friendly cloud-based solutions. We also develop customized software solutions for process optimization that best fit your business. We can digitalize your internal processes and offer tailored business process automation.

Consultancy & training

Keep IT Simple - Visualize the problem, Understand the root cause and Act.
Measure the results.
The simplest solution is almost always the best.

Process Optimization, Cost Control, Cost Reduction
SaaS Solutions

LOT (Logical Organized Transport) is a collaborative – competitive supply chain platform [...]

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ETPlan – Employee Transportation Plan – is a cloud-based application helping companies [...]

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Q-Time is a cloud-based application, enabling companies to effectively control all [...]

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QC WMS is an innovative cloud-based software application that by automating warehouse [...]

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Cloud based software system that helps shipyards manage their manufactring processes. [...]

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TML is a cloud-based tool designed to gather and oversee all the 'material loss sources' [...]

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Customer specific business process automation
Vard Connect

Vard Connect is a cloud-based application specifically developed for shipyard industry, designed [...]

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Roki Connect

ROKI-Connect is an innovative cloud-based software application that by automating warehouse processes improves logistics processes.

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Vard Lift

Vard Lift – 2020, Software for resources management [...]

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Batch Trace

Cloud software application enables production and quality to trace the status of the production file for each batch for all production stages.

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Clean / Dirty

Cloud-based software automatizes the control of the production environment in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Complex Integrated solutions

With KeeperIT we enable businesses and users to bring utility to all facets of everyday life and objects.

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Jidoka KanBan

Cloud software, SAP compatible, trigger the material supply with a signal based on the machine INPUT

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Consultancy & training

Training - logistics

stock management, supply chain management, industrial packaging, internal material flow – from store to floor, freight cost optimization

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Training - lean

5S – thinking paradigm & practical implementation, shop floor management, lean thinking – basic of lean, lean problem solving skills, kanban – pull concept, value stream mapping, poka – yoke, cardboard engineering

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Why us?

Our customers choose us because we provide leading software technology, deliver unmatched services and training, and offer some of the best value solutions in the industry.

Regardless of the project size and complexity, we strive to provide our customers with great technology, differentiated products and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model that meets our customer’s needs.

We know the simplest way to succeed, since we already tried the hard one to fail.

More Reasons

what people says

“Working with Lean Performance Group and Share IT Smart teams over the last few months on both Value Stream based Organisation and Process Digitalization have been two of the successful projects at Zentiva. Felix and Stephan are true professionals that quickly integrated to our company philosophies and worked with us to develop plans, changes and strategies that we could continue to move forward with, building towards a brighter future. Lean Performance Group and Share IT Smart backgrounds, knowledge and insight proved them to be real value-added players/ partners within our business.”
Margareta Tanase

Industrial Operations Director – Zentiva, Romania

“With the present words, I wish to express my thankfulness for your dedication and competence recently demonstrated on the Braila Project for improvement.
We did a great job since, from the very beginning, we were able to drive the several issues inside the groove of collaboration, fruitful exchange of opinions and severe application of the action plan.
Please consider the above as a formal thanks for the work achieved, since from January 2021 I will leave the Project and be involved in other Fincantieri Company’s activities”
Andrea Zamburlini

SVP-Process and Improvement Plans, FINCANTIERI S.p.A.

“As a Logistics Manager, I always wanted to have a simple, consolidated and complete view of the IN and OUT freight and QCLOT made it possible. This is a tool that helped me to obtain the desired information, and by working together with the developer to enhance and structure correctly the data.”
Calin Valcea


“Customer support – immediate reaction.
Updates – high value for low cost.
Visual – Lots of graphs and data available”
Bogdan Mihai Teculet

Logistics Manager Deputy, MAHLE COMPONENTE DE MOTOR

“I really appreciate the collaboration with Share IT Smart. We choose to work with them for their service’s quality, efficiency and flexibility that they offer. Their employee’s professionalism and support contributed to a fruitful and long lasting partnership. I whole-heartily recommend Share IT Smart as a trustworthy and a professional company to work with.”
Livia Husarciuc


“The program is user friendly and provides a lot of details, information. Many people are using the program in the same time and it never collapsed.”
Larisa Ardelean


“It means extra work for us, but a good overview for both us and MAHLE. The goods will be picked up faster by MVT after registration.”
Elvira Jahnke


Vard Connect
“Both the developer and we worked very hard designing and implementing Vard Connect, and at the end we have created a vital tool for pipes warehouse functionality. Vard Connect helped us to: - Increase safety of our employees; - Reduce the number of people involved in pipes handling, therefore to reduce the cost; - Increase warehouse storage space; - Reduce the number of lost pipes, therefore the number of re-fabricated pipes; - Reduce the time spent for pipes identification, preparation and delivery; - Improve tracking of pipe’s transportation containers; - and create a transparent, accurate and permanently up to date unique database.
A big thanks to Felix and his team for their flexibility and hard work to develop an efficient and user friendly application that can satisfy the needs of multiple departments. It’s safe to say that the answer is one click away!”
Adrian Leonas, Chief of Production Logistics Workshop

Production Logistics Department, Vard Tulcea SA

“The most I like about QCLOT is its functionality and ability to organize, and also the communication.”
Adelina Andrus

International Expeditor, EUROCCOPER

“Dock Scheduling, Special Freight, user friendly. I like the fact that QCLOT connects very well suppliers with carriers and customers. Customer support is quite impressive.”
Robert Eduard Onut

Continuous Improvement Specialist, MAHLE COMPONENTE DE MOTOR

Vard Connect
“It is user friendly. Vard Connect helped us to change our way of organizing the work flow and focus more on efficiency. Real-time updates makes it really easy to ensure traceability in all the work process steps.”
Mihai Prodan, Workshop Engineer

Production Logistics Department, Vard Tulcea SA