Vard Lift

Vard Lift

The cloud-based application was specifically developed for the shipyard industry to ensure efficient management of resources and optimal equipment capacity utilisation.

The cost of equipment renting is significantly reduced. Meanwhile, the utilisation percentage for the used types of equipment is increased.

Typical application includes cranes, transport trucks, platforms, and backhoes.

Purpose of Vard – Lift
  • Resource planning eg. cranes, forklifts, transport platforms, trucks, in accordance with the needs of each department considering available capacity.
  • Breakdown Cost allocation / department based on used capacity
  • Maintained data for statistical analysis (trends / departments …)
  • Fast reaction – escalations (phone) directly from the job
  • Built based on:
    • Plan – the load
    • Do – confirm the execution
    • Check – report for loss time and trend
    • Act – correct and take action to reduce the cost

what people says

Vard Lift
The software is useful to evaluate our current operation and identify areas needing improvement and where current functionality gaps exist.

The implementation of Vard Lift platform has increased our overall internal transportation knowledge, control and efficiencies.

Vard Lift platform manages four key processes of transportation management including Planning and decision making, Transportation Execution, Transportation follow-up and Measurement.

The benefits are:
- minimize empty runs;
- improved fleet utilization;
- shorter throughput time;
- lower transport costs;
- increased productivity;
- high degree of transparency;
- reduce control effort;
- meaningful KPIs and reports.
Emanuel Sultan

Vice President Engineering Process Developments Romania, Vard Tulcea SA