Simple tool allowing the application of PDCA

Employee Transportation Plan, cloud based solution helping to monitor, control, reduce the cost for employee transportation.

Simple tool allowing the application of PDCA, four-step management method used in business for the control and continuous improvement applied at employee transport process.

Plan - plan the next week load on the transport routes
Do - Scan at the entrance the employee using the transport
Check - Using KPI, and alerts check for under utilization and /or overcapacity issues in real time

Act - Modify the routes, improve the utilization

Key success factors & Benefits:

Planning is done at supervisor level, For one week time frame, Overtime is planned, Cost reduction actions are possible


Cost impact per shift, Bus load per route, Employee presence when boarding


Transport cost, Early employee warning regarding presence at work

  • Easy way to plan the load / routes
  • Real time monitor of how many people are using the bus service / routes
  • Report cost for department and/or cost centre
  • Monitor the request for overtime / and plan the transport (best cost: taxi or minibus)
  • Statistical tools to support change decisions, extensions.
  • KPI for the service level
Transport Companies
  • Avoid situation of over booking
  • Possibility of track / route performance
  • Reports in regarding the utilization