ETPlan – Employee Transportation Plan – is a cloud-based application helping companies to optimize the transportation usage, monitor, control and reduce the cost of employee transportation.

It is a simple, user friendly tool, allowing the application of PDCA (a four-step management method used in business for continuous improvement and control, applied at employee transportation process).

With ETPlan you can easily plan the next week load on transport routes, real time monitor using KPIs, and alerts for underutilization and /or overcapacity issues and modify the transport routes to optimize the process.

Key Success Factors

- Planning is done at supervisor level
- one week time frame
- overtime is planned
- cost reduction actions are possible


- Cost impact per shift
- bus load per route
- employee presence when boarding


- Transport cost
- early employee absence warning

  • Laborious and time consuming process management
  • Poor control on employee’s presence at work
  • Lack of information on transport capacity usage
  • Lack of accurate information on passenger list
  • Long distance transportation
  • High cost of employee transportation
  • High cost due to employee’s absence at work
  • Inadequate budget planning due to lack of accurate data of employee’s cost
  • Poor transport routes optimization
How ETPlan can help you?
Improves planning and monitoring of passengers load on transport routes, thus helping to optimize the transportation capacity and routes.

Increases the response time in case of employee’s absence at work, thus diminishing the risk of affecting already planned activities and the occurrence of additional unforeseen costs.

Improves transportation planning and monitoring for employees working overtime.

Improves budget planning and allocation per activities/ departments, by providing accurate data on employee’s cost based on the transport distance.

Ensures compliance with the legal requirements in force, by providing a real time passenger list for each vehicle and each route and overcapacity alerts.

Simplifies the claim management process and corrective measures monitoring,

Improves delivery performance monitoring and provides statistical tools to support change decisions, extensions.
Transport Companies
Avoid overbooking situations

Improves route performance

Capacity usage reports