Share with friends

You can send them an invitation, or you can invite them to join by scan.

Trace your Journey

Anytime you scan the tag, we record your location to have the memory of your journey.

Link with many other applications

Are there any limitations? No. We offer you one hook to connect with, and from there, you can imagine countless applications to use it for.

Control your content

You are in charge! Delete and control any information shared.


Buy your first magic LINK

Magic starts here - buy your link to any object or buy directly from our business partners who are already linked.


Connect this link with your NFC

Use your phone and write on NFC the received link.


Log IN and enjoy your MAGIC

Share your magic moments with your loved ones or share them with the world.

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Add your favourite video, photo

You can link any time YouTube, Vimeo videos and create your play list. Put your pictures, add you photos to be shared later with your friends.

Write your thoughts

You ideas are important, so share them!

Add voice records

Keep your voice journal, record and share it.

"WOW" is authentic

Keeperit exists so You can imagine so many ways to get excited and thrilled, create the "wow", bring the smile on the faces around you.

See below how some of you have done it!


Create your own web in just a few minutes

You can do a web site in a few minutes as you like it, as you need it. No special skills... it is like you write in word.

Combine pages as you like! Imagine and DO.


You want more? You can!

If you are a programmer, you can connect with KeeperIT. Use the webhook to add magic to your software.


You are a professional, and you want to grow?

You have a unique application, and you want to integrate with us to increase your exposure? We can help. Just tell us what you want and let us help you.

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So What are You Waiting for?

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