LOT (Logical Organized Transport)

LOT (Logical Organized Transport) is a collaborative – competitive supply chain platform dedicated to manufacturing companies . You will gain competitive advantages through its supply chains, collaboration model. Partners in this network are collaborating to reduce the waste in the supply chain, competing to offer the best value to their customers.

Evaluate your performance

Cost control
Premium freight approval workflow
CEP Courier Express Parcel management
Milk-run management
Dock scheduling
Full Traceability
Communication matrix
Multi - Currency
Multi - Language
Delivery performance monitor
Report & analytics
Request for quotation
Five Main Benefits:
Five Dashboard Metrics for outstanding results:
  • 1. The transport cost metric: helping you save money!
  • 2. The CO2 emission monitor: ease your impact on the environment.
  • 3. The truck waiting-time metric: reduced waiting time equals improved costs.
  • 4. The Premium Freight cost: take faster decisions based on real-time data!
  • 5. Delivery performance: improve quality metrics.
LOT is available at a competitive price. Because is a highly customizable platform we have to understand your current set-up in order to provide you with the best configuration at a fair price. Any time you can request an extension, change of the package.

It also features a simple payment method: a fixed fee, per month, for each and every single fiscal entity. This also includes a 30 days free offer.

Tools to control your supply chain

(transport management, cost control, qualitative metrics, milk run, premium freight management, RFQ, dock scheduling, CO2 monitor, packaging management, courier express parcel management)


Tools to channel your actions efficiently

(action list support, communication matrix, chat)


Support your intuition with data

(linear cost model, clustering model, synergistic business model)


Global view of your company supply chain

Evaluate your performance:

Transport management

How do you currently manage your tranport cost?

Transport performance monitoring

How do you monitor the transport performance?

Dock Scheduling IN / OUT

How do you measure the work load for receiving & shipping operations?

Special Freight mangement

How do you monitor special freight cost? Special freight= transports where the normal parameters are not respected / transport lead time (ex: shorter delivery time) / Incoterms (ex. FCA instead of DAP…) / MOQ not respected / different way of packing, stacking….

Transport price history / transport route

How do you trace the cost for the transport?

Transport invoice controlling

Do you check the received invoices from transport companies against the contracted prices?

CEP management (courier express delivery)

Are you able to track the small parcel delivery and monitor the cost when is invoiced by the courier companies?

Request for quotation, RFQ process

Do you have an transparent qoutation process in place for your company?

Statistical data analisis

Do you use statistical analysis to initiate action for efficiency improvements?

NON-Compliance monitor – action Plan

Are your action plans and progress charts clear for all the involved actors at different levels in the organization?

Communication matrix

Are you able to find relevant information about your partners employees contact and roles within the project?

Waste Management

Do you monitor your waste (IN/OUT) due to logistics activity (paper, wood, palstic...)?

CO Emmision Monitor

Is CO2 emmision monitoring due to transport activity one of your KPI?

Safety rules in the factory

Is clear for all the transport companies the safty rules applicabale in your facility?

Multi site view / Corporate level control

Reporting and multisite controlling


how did you do it?

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what people says

I always wanted to have a tool that would help me get in a simple, consolidated way a complete picture of the freight in and out I do in my company.

This is a tool that is helping me to get the desired information, and by working together with the developer to enhance and structure correctly the data we manage to gather so far.
Calin Valcea


The program is easy to use , give you a lot of details , information . There are a lot of people that are using this program in the same time and never broke down
Larisa Ardelean


It means extra work for us but an overview for us and Mahle. The goods will be picked up faster by MVT after registration.
Elvira Jahnke


The most I like about this software it is it’s functionality and ability to organize, also the communication.
Adelina Andrus

International Expeditor, EUROCCOPER

Customer support – immediate reaction. Updates – high value for low cost. Visual – lots of graphs and data available.
Bogdan Mihai Teculet

Logistics Manager Deputy

Dock Schedueling, Special Freight, the ease of use. I like the fact that this software links the supplier with the carrier and the customer very good. the owner of the software offers support immediately to solve if there is any issue.
Robert Eduard Onut

Continuous Improvement Specialist