UdeconX = Urban Decontamination System

UdeconX is an automated system designed for passenger transport vehicle’s interior and indoor areas spray disinfection and sterilization, to decontaminate the surfaces of the handrails, seats, floor and other objects that are easily accessible in the daily conditions of both passenger transportation and indoor areas.

System Structure
UdeconX – manual controlled version

Composed of the main unit of the disinfection and sterilization system, conveying pipeline, atomizing nozzle and disinfectant.

UdeconX* – remote controlled version

Composed of a software application and the main unit of the disinfection and sterilization system, conveying pipeline, atomizing nozzle and disinfectant. It is remotely controlled through a smartphone application.

*Through the application dashboard, the entire fleet decontamination status can be monitored.

  • Remote set-up and control of the decontamination device through a mobile application (android)*
  • Centralized monitoring of the entire fleet and indoor areas decontamination process*
  • Safety: no risk of system operation in traffic or while there are still people inside of areas to be decontaminated
  • Multiple functions: spray sterilization, disinfection and purification, humidification and cooling
  • Special low-power drive motor and large-capacity corrosion-resistant food-grade disinfectant storage container with long standby time, energy saving and high efficiency
  • Ultra-fine atomizing spray nozzles for comprehensive coverage and release
  • High atomization efficiency, sterilized atomized particles, long suspension time. The facilities are comprehensively sterilized without dead corners, and the suspended particles are directly taken away to ensure a fresh, comfortable and healthy environment.
Advantages & Benefits
  • The vehicle’s driver or a designated person in case of indoor areas can carry on the decontamination process
  • No protection equipment or trained personnel additionally needed
  • The decontamination can be performed multiple times per day, with just a push of a button
  • Controlled, fast and efficient decontamination process
  • Centralized monitoring of the entire fleet’s decontamination process through the software application dashboard (fleet/ indoor areas decontamination status, exact time, duration and number of decontaminations, quantity of decontamination liquid available and also consumed)