Vard Connect

Vard Connect

Vard Connect is a cloud-based application specifically developed for shipyard industry, designed as a digital twin of the shipyard manufacturing processes, helping workers and managers alike to visualize and carry on their daily tasks, by ensuring full traceability for the spool and steel work from production till assembly on the ship.

Vard Connect helps unlocking unforeseen business potential within the shipyard industry.


Failure to achieving planned goals and targets
Poor overview of resources
Poor communication between departments
Lack of traceability
Supply chain management issues
Insufficient data to optimize processes
  • Increased revenue
  • Improved traceability
  • Lower number of people involved in handling materials in the warehouse
  • Transparent, accurate and permanently updated unique database
  • Optimized processes
  • Improved planning
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Optimized supply chain management
  • Increased storage space in the warehouse by organizing the materials
  • Reduced number of lost materials (e.g. pipes, steel) and the need for re-fabrication
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what people says

Vard Connect, is an easy to use program.

Its implementation has begun to change our ways of organizing the flow of work focusing on efficiency. Real-time updating helps us to ensure traceability in all the work process steps.
Mihai Prodan, Workshop Engineer

Production Logistics Department, Vard Tulcea SA

Both the creators and us worked very hard to shape and implement Vard Connect, but in the end we created a tool that its vital for our pipe warehouse functionality.

With the help of this application we managed to: - increase the safety of our workers
- reduce the number of people involved in pipe handling, so reducing the costs
- increase the storage space in our warehouse
- reduce the number of lost pipes and the need for re-fabrication
- reduce the time needed for identifying, preparing and deliver of pipes
- keep a better track of our containers used for pipe transportation
- and finally create a transparent, correct and permanently updated unique database

A big thanks to Felix and his team, for their flexibility and hard work to create a good and user friendly application that can satisfy the needs of more than one department.

It's safe to say that the answer is "one click away"!
Adrian Leonas, Chief of Production Logistics Workshop

Production Logistics Department, Vard Tulcea SA